Research into the effects of reflexology for specific conditions

Reflexions is a Hobart-based reflexology and remedial massage practice owned and operated by therapist Tiziana Hill. I am seeking a number of adults with specifically identified conditions to participate in research to understand if reflexology can help alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. 

Participants would be asked to commit to regular one hour treatments over a set timeframe and would be charged a nominal fee of $75.00 for each treatment. 

Prospective clients who have a diagnosed condition and have an interest in natural therapies are invited to express interest. 

Participants wanted 

This program is ideal for a diagnosed condition or symptoms and for clients who would like to understand if reflexology can assist in alleviating symptoms. This does not replace treatment by conventional medicine and you are encouraged to discuss this with your GP or specialist. 

What is reflexology 

Reflexology is a gentle and safe therapy which involves applying gentle pressure to feet, and/or hands and/or the face and/or ears to trigger the body’s relaxation response and its inherent ability to self-correct many imbalances. 

In reflexology, the entire body – its systems, organs and structures – are believed to be precisely mapped on feet, hands and ears. By applying pressure over the course of a treatment, clients experience deep relaxation. Following a typical treatment, clients often experience feeling lighter, more grounded, better sleep and improved bowel and bladder activity. 

Reflexologists are not qualified to diagnose and do not make any claims to ‘fix’ or cure any condition. Research shows that regular reflexology treatments, sometimes by itself and sometimes in conjunction with other treatments, can help alleviate some symptoms and may increase the rate of healing. 

The commitment 

Participants are asked to attend at least six treatments; once a week for six or eight weeks. This may be varied, depending on the client’s condition and circumstances. 

Each treatment would be for up to 60 minutes. Around 45 minutes is for the treatment itself, plus time is spent for discussion and case study note taking at the beginning and end of the session. 

The treatments are delivered by Reflexions therapist, Tiziana Hill, at the clinic Body Stillness, at 7 Lincoln Street, Sandy Bay. 

A fee of $75 will be charged for each treatment. This represents a saving of $25 off per treatment. 

Participants would be asked to provide information about their health and agree to document progress between treatments. All information will be confidentially held and final case studies will not be linked to a person’s identity. Written case studies may be published on Reflexions web site or the findings shared in articles or conference papers, but names and identities will not be included. 

What happens during a treatment? 

A treatment starts with a chat to find out how things have progressed or changed. This is followed by a short foot bath so that your feet can start relaxing. Clients then move to a massage table, where they lie down, remaining fully clothed. Reflexology is given to the client’s feet and they are invited to comment on sore areas or drift off into a state of relaxation. In some cases, reflexology may also be given to hands or the face. 

Expressions of interest 

Expressions of interest to participate in this research are open. 

To confidentially express your interest, please send an email to: [email protected] 

Please include your name and phone number with brief information about your condition and I will phone you for an initial discussion and to arrange your appointments, if you wish to proceed. 

Alternatively I can be reached during business hours by phone on 0484 34 9902. 

Please note appointments for this program are available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings.

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